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Methods to Avoid Common Plumbing Problems During Winter

Methods to Avoid Common Plumbing Problems During Winter

Winter poses a lot of problems for you and your property. You have to strap on your winter tires, change your wardrobe for warmer clothing, and look into the plumbing of your house to secure a water line for the coming cold.

Unfortunately, your plumbing may cause all sorts of problems during winter! Fortunately, it is possible to avoid these problems if the right precautions are taken ahead of time.

Methods To Avoid Common Plumbing Problems During Winter

Problems that are connected to plumbing during winter mostly involve how other home fixtures react to the cold. Here are some of the most common problems that plague homes during the winter season and how to deal with them:

Common Winter Plumbing Problems

1 - Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes can be the cause of thousands of dollars in home damages. Water that gets stuck in pipes ends up freezing—and as the water expands when it freezes, it can cause pipes to burst!

2 - Clogged Drains

 Aside from the ice that can cause burst pipes, excess food and other solids that are thrown down the drain may also cause them to get clogged. This is why you should never throw leftover food, oil, tissues or anything else into the drain—especially in the wintertime!

 It is also important to look into your outdoor drains. It is crucial to make sure that there are no leaves or other debris that can cause blockages in the outdoor drains.

3 - Water Heater Failure

 Water heaters may fail during the winter—which undoubtedly is the time when they are needed the most! This is the time of the year when they will be working their hardest, but it will also be the time when they will be most likely to break down.

How To Avoid Common Winter Plumbing Problems

Luckily, there are ways to avoid experiencing these plumbing problems during winter.

1 - Keep Your Thermostat at 55⁰F

 Your thermostat should be able to prevent your pipes from freezing. Sure, your power bill may go over a few dollars every month, but you will be spending much less than you will if your pipe ends up bursting because of the ice!

2 - Be Careful With Your Sink

 Make sure that you do not accidentally put anything down the drain except water after you wash the dishes. Dispose of waste properly, and do not throw anything into the sink drain.

3 - Insulate Your Water Heater

Adding a layer of insulation to your heater during those long, cold months will help it do its job successfully. Keep in mind that it has to work twice as hard during winter! Insulation will help it retain its heat more efficiently.

4 - Keep Outdoor Drains Clear

Make sure that there is no debris that can cause clogging on outdoor drains. This will save you some trouble from clogs and pooling water down the line. By taking the time to clear the area, you will save your house from possible water damage later on!


 Although you will need to work hard to prevent plumbing problems during the winter season, the effort you make will be sure to pay off. Since there are ways to prevent plumbing problems from developing, it is best to employ these strategies in order to avoid spending an arm and a leg in repair costs for your plumbing.

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