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5 Smart Plumbing Tips for a Truly Merry Holiday

5 Smart Plumbing Tips for a Truly Merry Holiday

The holidays are undoubtedly the busiest time of the year. It’s that time where your kitchen is in full use and your house is packed with extended family members staying for the festivities.

With all of that said, it pays to remember that this is the busiest time for your plumbing system as well. As you scurry to prepare your holiday meals and your relatives are driving your water consumption, your water system is likely working twice as hard. Considering this, you need to care for it properly—you surely wouldn’t want to spoil the celebration with a plumbing catastrophe!  

On that note, here are some smart tips worth following to achieve a truly merry holiday:

 1.Address Slow Drains Right Away

As soon as you see signs of a slow drain, work on it right away. While this may seem like a time-consuming task, there are simple hacks you can try to solve this.

 For example, you can use vinegar or baking soda and vinegar to loosen the clog and clean the drain. However, make sure to flush your drains with hot water afterwards. For bigger or more stubborn clogs, you may use a plunger or plumber snakes. 

 2.Install a Drain Strainer

When you’re in a rush to prepare your meals for the celebrations, having food residue and debris end up in your sink is sometimes unavoidable. With that said, there’s a way for you to effortlessly prevent these from getting into the drains and clogging them—by installing a drain strainer.

This seemingly simple device can do wonders in preventing food, hair, and other objects from passing through.  

 3.Insulate Your Pipes

The chilly weather can be particularly harsh to the water pipes throughout your home. In the worst cases, it can freeze them and make them susceptible to bursting.

You can avoid having to deal with burst pies during the holiday season by insulating your pipes. Some effective ways to do this are covering your basement, attic, and crawl space pipes with strips of pipe wrap and installing frost-proof outdoor spigots.

4.Watch Out for Signs of Sewer Problems

Another aspect of your plumbing system that you must pay attention to is your sewer system. Failing to identify even the smallest issue with your sewers can ruin your celebrations with their uninviting smell.

Some particular signs you need to watch out for are slow drains and gurgling sounds. If you suspect anything out of the ordinary, don’t wait to address it after the festivities—get in touch with your local plumbers right away. They will be able to find the root of the problem and work on it promptly, giving you peace of mind.

 5.Enlist Plumbing Repair or Maintenance

Aside from actively looking out for issues and taking preventive measures, you must also enlist plumbing repair or maintenance. This is something you have to do, even if you do not see any particular cause for concern.

These plumbing experts can perform a more thorough examination of your water system to pinpoint problems before they begin or become worse. Lastly but most importantly, they can help you get your plumbing system ready for the holidays. 


With all the buzzing around that will happen during the holidays, you need to make sure that your plumbing system can shoulder the increased load. Considering this, you must enlist repair and maintenance services right away—even before you experience any problems. Having your local plumbers get your system in tiptop shape will help you ensure a peaceful, happy, and worry-free holiday season.

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