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Caring for Your Garbage Disposal Made Easy - Our Guide

Caring for Your Garbage Disposal Made Easy - Our Guide

With the holidays lurking right around the corner and being poised as the only season that COVID-19 won’t be able to spoil for 2020, it’s understandable to feel a whole lot of excitement.

After going through a tough year, it’s clear that an interrupted holiday season is going to be the last stretch of this year for many people. Whether you’ve spent way too much time at home or wanted to fight on the front lines to help keep everything as normal as possible, we all deserve a break.

Now that there’s a vaccine on the horizon and infection rates are thankfully dying down (as they should), all you’ll really need to worry about this year is prepping for family dinners and (controlled) social interaction.

Right now, you’re probably going through a checklist of different tasks that you’ll need to take care of before the holidays arrive. Whether it’s finding the right gifts for your loved ones or stocking up on the necessary ingredients that you need just in time for the spontaneous family dinners, there’s no doubt that your to-do list is packed.

As you brush through all the items and take care of them one-by-one, there’s just one thought that should come across your mind: Have you started taking care of your garbage disposal yet?

Why it’s important to keep an eye on your garbage disposal

Compared to all the other times of the year, the holidays are far more hectic when it comes to food waste and trash because of how much food is made, consumed, and thrown out.

With a flurry of full and packed dinners and lots of leftovers and disposables that are bound to pile up, your garbage disposal is bound to work overtime during this season. Amid all the residual waste that’s bound to build up and get chucked into the bin, it’s also worth noting that your disposal system isn’t as bulletproof as you expect it to be.

How can you help keep your garbage bulletproof enough to last the whole holiday season?

There are a handful of different tasks you can do to ensure that your garbage disposal can make it through the holiday season with lots of finesse and no problems along the way. Let’s now look at some of the different tips that you can use to help prolong the lifespan of your garbage disposal for the holidays (and beyond):

1. Clear things out with some ice: On the days when you don’t have any guests over and you’re just eating from a takeout box, it helps to prepare your garbage disposal by chucking a few ice cubes down the chute. It might sound strange at first, but sliding ice cubes down the chute and switching your appliance on will help clear your disposal of debris by slamming ice against its walls.

2. Get a plumber to prep your disposal: Another great way to take care of your garbage disposal and ensure that it’s ready for the boatload of rubbish and mulch is to schedule it for a maintenance session. With the help of Nova Plumbing Fixtures’ trained experts, you’ll be able to have your appliance thoroughly inspected and serviced so that it’s refreshed and ready for more work!


 With the holiday season fast approaching and everyone getting set into a festive mood, you’re bound to host several socially-distanced gatherings at home with your friends and family. As all the excitement continues to build up, it’s essential to ensure that your garbage disposal can hold up to all the trash that’s about to be chucked in it with the right preventative measures!

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